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Category 1. Government participation in trade & restrictive practices tolerated by governments
Category 2. Customs and administrative entry procedures
Category 5. Specific limitations
Category 6. Charges on imports
Category 7. Other procedural problems
Category 8. Transport, Clearing and Forwarding
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Date of incident Location
Reporting country or region
Status Actions
NTB-000-109 8.8. Issues related to transit 2009-07-26 South Africa: Central Bank South Africa Non-actionable View
Complaint: Exporters are unable to get insurance cover for Angola. South African insurance agencies do not provide cover for Angola  
Non-actionable status note: Engagements with two major banks in South Africa indicates that this is not the case, they do provide insurance cover for all the countries in the region. It is most likely that the client did not meet certain requirements.  
NTB-000-110 Transit Fees 2009-07-26 Botswana: Ministry of Finance South Africa Non-actionable View
Complaint: It is difficult to obtain Credit Insurance in Botswana.  
Non-actionable status note: Dear Kelly

Please note that the complaint has been classified as "Non Actionable'. There is no need to obtain additional information . Kindly advise if it is still being posted as outstanding so that we can remove it from active complaints .

NTB-000-114 1.1. Export subsidies 2009-07-26 Zimbabwe: Ministry of Finance South Africa Non-actionable View
Complaint: High insurance premiums in Zimbabwe  
NTB-000-137 1.1. Export subsidies 2009-07-27 Angola: Ministry of Trade South Africa Non-actionable View
Complaint: Exports to Angola are constrained due to requirement for labeling in Portuguese language  
NTB-000-291 1.1. Export subsidies 2009-09-08 Angola: Central Bank Namibia Non-actionable View
Complaint: Any imports into Angola of value above US$10 000 require payment through international bank transfers. The Angolan banking system is not well functioning.  
NTB-000-295 8.8. Issues related to transit 2009-09-08 Zambia: Katima Mulilo Namibia Non-actionable View
Complaint: Theft is major problem at the Zambian border post with Namibia  
Non-actionable status note: Not an NTB but a security issue which the security persons at the border can take care of.  
NTB-000-312 Technical Barriers to Trade 2009-09-09 Democratic Republic of the Congo: Ministry of Finance Democratic Republic of the Congo Non-actionable View
Complaint: There are no banking facilities in DRC

NTB-000-682 6.7. Other
2015-11-23 Mozambique: Ministry of Agriculture of Mozambican Malawi Non-actionable View
Complaint: the imposition of the high fees is restrictive to Malawi businesses engage in the import of the concerned products. The instrument was also implemented without giving due notice to the businesses as such it is disruptive to the businesses.  
Non-actionable status note: the measure is being reported for the first time  
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