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2.3. Issues related to the rules of origin  
Cigarettes manufactured in Kenya exported to Tanzania required to have a local 75% tobacco  
Progress update note
1. During the Extra Ordinary SCTIFI that sat in February, 2018, Kenya and URT agreed that URT will consult and provide feed back by June 2018.

2. The Council at its sitting of 27th May 2016 directed that a bilateral meeting between URT & Kenya be held to resolve this NTB. This matter was discussed during the JCC between URT and Kenya held in December 2016 in Dar-es – Salaam.

A bilateral meeting scheduled to take place in May 2017 however Kenya requests URT to repeal the law to resolve the long outstanding issue.1. During the 29th meeting of the Council Tanzania undertook to repeal the law governing the 75% local tobacco content by June, 2015. Refer latest council decision. Tanzania reported that internal consultations to implement Council decision to repeal the law were in progress. The 18th meeting of the EAC Regional NTBs Forum noted that the URT had agreed and promised to remove the requirement through Finance Bill during the 2015/2016 budget.  
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Tanzania: Tanzania Revenue Authority (Government institution)  
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2015-02-06 09:53  
2015-02-06 09:53